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Industry Use Cases

Aerospace & Defense

Oil & Gas





Aerospace & Defense

“A critical part of the nation’s competitive military edge … is technological innovation to increase lethality including in areas of cyber, big-data analytics, artificial-intelligence and additive manufacturing”

-U.S. Defense Secretary,
James N. Mattis, May 2018

The military faces problems with extended downtime of their weapon systems and slow repair turn-around times.  They rely on reactive maintenance modes and have difficulty effectively repairing assets on the field.   This results in diminishing operational readiness levels and exposes them to enemy threats.   hyperFIELD’s mobile, cloud-based solutions allow for field-ready, preventative and prescriptive repair for deployed assets.   Our secure network allows field-technicians access to sensitive data (repair manuals, blueprints), regardless of location to guarantee asset uptime.

Oil & Gas

“An aging Workforce and Equipment Reliability are the top two challenges facing the Oil & Gas Industry”

– Brady Worldwide, 2015

Oil-field Service companies operate complex equipment in remote areas like oil platforms.  hyperFIELD’s AR powered Remote Assistance services provide a new level of support for remotely deployed field operators. This service allows instant access to repair guides and models to increase operational efficiency. Operators can also improve repair times and get remote help from experts through  hyperFIELD’s low bandwidth optimized, video conferencing tools. The tool also features operator wellness tools that enable remote medical and psychiatric assistance, making sure that both assets and personnel are in peak performance levels.


“Counterfeit prescription drugs is an estimated market worth $75 billon a year worldwide…counterfeiting can be reduced significantly by implementing product serialization.”

-Pharmatech Associates
Jan 2015

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly combatting drug counterfeits, supply-invisibility, and difficulty in tracking returns or recalls.  hyperFIELD allows for serialization tracking (including supply chain provenance) which tracks products from lab to patient and allows for verification before dispensing to ensure patient health and safety.  In addition, hyperFIELD’s product(s) can help companies meet compliance deadlines for serialization under U.S. Drug Supply Chain Act (DSCSA) and EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).


“Mining equipment maintenance is so vital that a single mining venture could spend from 35% to 50% of its annual operating budget on maintenance and repair alone”

-Limble CMMS, Mining.com
July 2018

With high equipment costs in proportion to operating budgets, companies need to keep mining rigs and equipment in operational condition and minimize down-time.  hyperFIELD’s proprietary predictive analytics powered by ML/AI, uses historic, operational and real-time IOT data to diagnose and predict potential faults.  This allows for prescriptive repairs and increased up-time, resulting in greater personnel and equipment safety as well as increased profits.


“MRO challenges facing utilities include managing equipment, spare-parts/obsolescence, optimizing inventory, forecasting demand, and improving collaboration”
–Utility Business Network
Oct 2013

Utility companies have assets deployed in remote and difficult to access locations worldwide. Field maintainers are regularly sent to inspect/identify issues on equipment, but usually do not have all the necessary skills, parts or documentation  to complete needed repairs while on site. Using hyperFIELD’s Field-Service solutions that include real-time AR support as well as supply provenance and prescriptive maintenance services, field technicians maximize their time with the asset to do all necessary repairs and prescriptive maintenance while in the field.

Fleet and Transportation

“Shrinking budgets, must cut costs to keep fleet running longer, improving driver safety and fuel-efficiency are some of the challenges facing Fleet Managers”

– FleetAnswers.com

Fleet managers face shrinking budgets and must cut costs while improving efficiency, safety, and compliance.  hyperFIELD uses all relevant fleet data including telematics to plan maintenance schedules and improve operational efficiency. This enables fleet operators to increase uptime of their fleet vehicles and plan downtimes accordingly.