• Industrial sectors (like Aerospace & Defense, Oil/Gas, Construction, Mining, Health-care, Life-Sciences, Heavy-Machinery & Manufacturing, etc.) & Public-sectors (like Defense, Utilities, Municipalities, etc.) operate long-life complex assets or equipment deployed within their own facilities (factories) or out on the field, globally. These assets need service and it is mission-critical to keep them operationally reliable or face expensive down-time. A basic service maintenance & repair regimen is not enough. A reliability-centered maintenance program that supports closed-loop PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) & SLM (Service Life-cycle Management) is required for achieving the designed-life of the asset.
  • Whether you are an asset/product manufacturer supporting your customers or an asset operator needing to minimize costly down-times or total asset life-cycle costs, you need hyperFIELD’s robust secure, cloud-based B2B Field Service & Asset Life-cycle Management solutions that transform your service operations.
  • At the core of our transformative B2B collaborative solutions is our Complex-asset Field Service Management (cFSM) solution. It comprises a capability mix tailor-made to service complex assets on the field eliminating the need to extend costly enterprise systems (including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset-Management (EAM), Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO), and Product/Service Life-Cycle Management (PLM/SLM)) out to your B2B partners & to the Field of operations.


Collaboratively manage and service high-value complex assets geographically deployed on the Field

For Asset Manufacturers (or Service Providers) or Asset Operators/Customers (or Service Consumers) looking to transform your Service operations & gain valuable Asset performance insights

We got you covered with our category redefining complex-asset Field Service solutions that includes Industrial IoT, AR, Predictive Analytics, & Blockchain

Take advantage of our team & over 250,000 B2B Industry Consortium partners with 100+ years of collective domain experience in industry and technology.

Delightful Customers and Performance


Service Transformation & Operational Readiness

Service Transformation & Operational Readiness

  • Asset manufacturers (OEMs) – Collaborate with your Customers & Suppliers using our solutions to transform your Service (Sustainment & Performance-Based-Logistics) business and benefit from complete asset-life-cycle management leading to better designed & higher reliability products.

  • Asset operators (Customers) – Benefit from our innovative solutions which results in faster repair turn-around times (increasing readiness), reduced operational/maintenance costs & increased Asset life-spans.

Field of Everything

Field of Everything

  • Field of Everything, seeks to link together all physical and digital aspects of an Enterprise with its’ Extended Enterprise or ‘Field’. Our end-to-end Field Service solutions enable field integration, mission critical for an enterprise operating globally dispersed high-value fielded assets outside the secured-comfort of an enterprise’s brick/mortar 4-walls.

Hypernet of Things

Hypernet of Things

  • IoT will need to evolve to Hypernet of Things (HoT) for Industrial & Military Sectors; Hypernet refers to the Hyperconnected ecosystem of People, Things, & Data; Our solutions leverage technologies like Blockchain-Distributed Ledgers, to cyber-secure & manage collaborative B2B sensitive data moving in/out of Fielded-Sites distributed globally; This powers our end-to-end collaborative B2B solutions including Machine-Learning & AI-driven Predictive & Cognitive Analytics.

HyperREALITY Experience

HyperREALITY Experience

  • Securely develop/maintain Technical Manuals & Service Instructions for Service Training (VR Experience) & Service Execution (AR Experience) using our proprietary hyperREALITY IETM Class 6 authoring tool. This provides your Field-Users immediate skills (currently only your OEM Engineers may possess) to repair/maintenance right on field, enable Remote-Maintenance, significantly reduce repair cycle-times and improve operational readiness levels.


Slide Service/MRO Asset Life
Cycle Mgt
Data and
Supply Visibility
and Reliability
Security, Integration
and Implementation

Our solutions and services are tailored to all things ‘Field’ and to enable our mobile Field Users that service & operate on mission-critical mobile or fixed/linear assets.







Servicing complex assets on the Field is a complex web of B2B collaborative efforts and transactions that involve Customers, multi-tiered Suppliers, 3 rd Party Providers, and Manufacturers…

Field-worker skills, Supply & Parts Provenance, and Securely sharing/managing data in a trusted immutable B2B collaborative environment, are the 3 primary challenges plaguing the industry operating complex assets distributed globally…

Without Field Integration, true-vision of Service Transformation, or Big-Databased Industrial or Military IoT & Predictive Analytics can never be fully realized…

True Big-Data is = Enterprise Data generated within brick-mortar 4-walls of an organization (needs met) plus Field Data generated beyond its’ extended enterprise 4-walls (many gaps)…

Whether you’re an asset manufacturer looking to transform your service business or you’re an asset operator looking to reduce costs, downtime, increase
asset life, or have better supply-chain visibility, you need our cloud-based solutions & services…